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CPAP Mask Reviews: Weighing in on the Pros and Cons

CPAP mask reviews can help a person know the advantages and disadvantages of CPAP therapy, which is widely used to treat obstructive sleep apnea.
Mayuri Kulkarni
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines are popular healthcare machines used for treating patients suffering from sleep apnea. This machine basically consists of two components - an electronic assembly, and a mask. Wearing this mask while sleeping can be quite discomforting and hence it is necessary that a patient is aware of the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) mask reviews before he/she buys a CPAP machine.
Sleep Apnea and CPAP
Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where the person may suddenly wake up in the night due to an inability to breathe. In these patients, the airway gets narrow due to pressure, and the person as a result, is unable to breathe for a few seconds or even minutes. Besides treating sleep apnea, CPAP machines are also used to treat heart and coronary artery disease.
However, they are more commonly used for obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP machine inserts pressure in the airway through the pipe and the mask. This pressure avoids the collapse of the airway thereby avoiding the sudden breathing problem. Obviously, sleep apnea patients need to wear this mask continuously while sleeping.
Why Consider CPAP Mask Reviews
CPAP Mask reviews help an individual to choose the right type of mask for himself. Your mode of breathing is what your research should be based upon. If you are a nose breather, a CPAP model that serves to be a full face device, covering the nose and the mouth is recommended, however, if you are a mouth breather, devices are available, where only the patient's mouth is covered. Nasal masks are beneficial for those who sleep on their sides. With the reviews of CPAP, you are sure to find and research the types of masks, besides, the nasal pillow and the nasal prong mask.
Looking into the reviews gives you an opportunity to research the potential masks for yourself. Newer models of the mask are all the more expensive and one may want to obtain the price range, to confirm if their insurance policy would cover the total costs if they bought the product. A review gives the concerned patient, an idea about the face mask they have been prescribed for use by their medical practitioner. The latest and best brands of CPAP masks would be rated high on the reliability scale, which makes the task of laying your trust in the product, comforting and reassuring.
CPAP Mask Reviews
After knowing the need of CPAP machines for sleep apnea patients, it is necessary to know a little about the products available in the market. Respironics, Resmed, Sleep Net, Fisher and Paykel, and Viasys are some of the leading manufacturers of CPAP machines. They have come up with a variety of CPAP masks with different assemblies.
ComfortGel, ComfortLite, ComfortFull, ComfortCurve, ComfortSelect and ComfortClassic are some of the popular ranges of CPAP masks produced by Respironics, which is a part of Philips. Many of these masks have headgear and cushions attached to the mask for comfort. Before choosing the mask it is necessary to know some benefits and demerits of CPAP masks. Given below is a generalized review of masks produced by different manufacturers.
Benefits of CPAP Masks
A number of patients suffering from sleep apnea have enjoyed the benefits of CPAP machines. Wearing a CPAP mask has helped them relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea. This mask makes breathing easy and also increases the quality of sleep. Moreover, it also reduces snoring while sleeping. Patients suffering from coronary heart disease have also benefited with the use of CPAP masks.
Other symptoms of sleep apnea like daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration, headaches and fatigue in the morning are also reduced after wearing a CPAP mask. These masks are available in different forms and sizes, and cover either both, the mouth and the nose, or just the nose.
Problems with CPAP Masks
As mentioned earlier, this mask causes a lot of discomfort, as breathing with a mask on, causes irritation. It has been observed that every CPAP mask user has different opinions about the mask. Some people have a high tolerance towards the irritation and discomfort caused by the mask and hence, they continue with the CPAP therapy. On the other hand, others stop the CPAP therapy as early as 2-3 days of wearing the mask, just because of the discomfort caused.
Sleep interruption and irritation are some of the main disadvantages of wearing a CPAP mask. Some people also tend to become claustrophobic while using a CPAP mask. Given below are some of the initial problems caused due to wearing a CPAP mask.
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth and nose
  • Swelling in abdomen
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Face skin and eye irritation
  • Nose bleeding
Overcoming CPAP Problems
These were some of the more common CPAP side effects, which can be reduced or even eliminated by overcoming CPAP problems. One may find it difficult to adjust to CPAP masks initially, but practice can easily help one to get used to wearing them. Be patient, and try to breathe with the CPAP mask on in the daytime. Try this for short intervals of time. This will make it easy for you to breathe while sleeping. CPAP nasal masks cause less discomfort and hence are quite popular as compared to masks that cover both the nose and the mouth. To avoid CPAP side effects like dry mouth, runny and stuffy nose, use a humidifier.
These were some CPAP mask reviews that one should know before buying a CPAP machine. Many CPAP sellers provide customers masks on rent for trials. You can try ones from various manufacturers and find out which is the best for you. Talk to people who use them and discuss with them the problems of the masks and their solutions.