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Side Effects of Ambien

Frightening Side Effects of Ambien You Must Know Before Consuming

Ambien is the trade name for zolpidem, which is a prescription drug used for the treatment of insomnia. It may ease your sleep problems, but it comes packed with quite a few side effects, some of which are severe.
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One of the several trade names for zolpidem is ambien. It is a sedative which is used to treat insomnia. This drug starts working immediately and provides relief for around 3 hours. This drug is used for short-term treatment as there are certain chemicals in this drug which can lead to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Ambien is also used as a prescribed drug to treat some brain disorders.
When on medication, utmost care needs to be taken. The prescribed dosage of ambien for an adult is 10 mg, and it should never be more than that. The drug is addictive, and if a person stops taking these medications randomly, it is quite possible that he/she will face some withdrawal symptoms. Certain discomforts like nausea and nervousness could be the immediate reactions. Taking into consideration the aforementioned factors, this medication should be taken only if prescribed, in the suggested dosage, and a physician should be consulted before discontinuing its usage.
Negative Effects
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Irritation in the nose and throat
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Headaches
There are several severe side effects like:
  • Hives on the skin
  • Itching
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hallucinations
  • Sleepwalking
  • Unclear thinking
  • Mood changes
  • Depression
  • Changes in vision
A person showing any of these symptoms needs to seek help immediately to avoid serious complications. A few of these challenges are discussed below.
Memory Loss
It has been observed that many people experience memory loss for several hours after taking ambien. They forget all their previous activities. In some cases, it has been observed that even if the person has forgotten all about what he/she did after the dosage, people around the person found him to be lucid and normal. In order to avoid this, experts say that this medicine needs to be taken just before going to bed. It is recommended that it should be taken when the person is sure that he/she will get at least 8 hours of sleep immediately. This makes bedtime the best time to take ambien.
Weight Gain
It has been observed that taking ambien for a long duration leads to weight gain. This weight gain is the result of binge eating. Some people who are on the drug may start experiencing eating disorders, and may, therefore, start binge eating especially at night―this binge eating increases the weight of the person. Moreover, the person may not remember anything about eating a lot due to the short-term memory loss. This is even worse. Thus, developing an eating disorder is another negative aspect.
An overdose could occur in case of a person who is on the drug for quite some period of time. As mentioned earlier, it can be addictive. A person who has become addicted, may take an overdose. Fatigue, congestive heart failure, and lung failure are the symptoms of the same. These symptoms are very severe and require the person to be admitted to the hospital immediately. The treatment will be closely monitored by the doctors and will include pumping and flushing the stomach of the person. However, this can happen only if the person has been admitted immediately after the overdose. Most times, the medicine gets absorbed in the system immediately and this increases the chances of fatality. Proper hospital care is needed in such cases.
There are multiple negative effects of ambien, most of them being severe. It is important to get a proper prescription for this medication and taking it in the right dosage to avoid fatality.