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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews That You Need to Read

Memory foam mattress toppers are great for making a traditional mattress more comfortable without spending a huge amount of money. Find a discussion about memory foam mattress topper reviews in this article.
Chandramita Bora
A mattress topper is a thin pad that can be placed over a mattress in order to enhance its quality in terms of comfort and support. This can go a long way to ensure proper sleep, which is crucial for the general health and well-being of an individual.
Memory foam mattresses are well-known for the high level of comfort they provide. They also provide a proper spinal arrangement, which is very important to prevent pain and aches in various parts of the body. All these advantages of a memory foam mattress can be availed by purchasing a memory foam topper instead of buying a complete mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers are very soft and they can provide the same benefits as that of a memory foam mattress at a reasonable price.
Pros of Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Memory foam mattress toppers are not only comfortable, but can provide excellent support if placed over a firm mattress. However, the quality of the original mattress should be good. If the mattress is not firm enough, then you may not get all the benefits of memory foam mattress toppers.
In general, memory foam mattress toppers are more comfortable than ordinary foam mattresses. Generally, the ordinary foam mattresses compress and then spring back immediately. But memory foam mattress toppers compress fully under the weight of your body and regain their former position slowly. Therefore, they are more effective in relieving stress on the pressure points like shoulder, hips and legs. That is why many people with back pain and arthritis have benefited by using memory foam mattress toppers.
Memory foam mattress toppers are usually made from high density solid viscoelastic memory foam. These mattress toppers are characterized by an open cell structure, i.e. the foam cells of such mattress toppers contain holes. This in turn helps to spread air pressure to the adjoining cells and thereby distribute body weight more evenly across the mattress toppers. Another important feature of memory foam mattress topper is that they are temperature sensitive, i.e. they become firmer in low temperature, while softer in high temperature. This also accounts for their ability to conform to body shape in response to body heat or temperature.
Cons of Memory Foam Mattress Topper
One of the most frequent complains about memory foam mattress toppers is that they give a sinking feeling while lying down due to the fact that they can mold into the shape of your body in response to heat and weight. Many people find it very uncomfortable, while some other individuals have reported that they could not move freely on such mattress toppers. However, rarely any other mattress topper can contour and conform to your body shape to provide a proper spinal alignment like memory foam mattress toppers.
Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews
The most important point to be considered while purchasing memory foam mattress toppers is their relative thickness and density. Their thickness usually ranges between 1 to 5 inches. Generally, mattress toppers with 2 to 3 inch thickness rank high among the best memory foam mattress. As far as the density is concerned, more dense toppers are durable and long-lasting. But when it comes to comfort, the less dense mattress toppers rank high in mattress reviews. But the denser mattress toppers are known to provide better support. Following are some of the best rated memory foam mattress toppers that have a good ranking around the world.
Sleep Better 2 Inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Approximate Price: $99
Made up of visco elastic, this mattress relieves stress and helps the body to relax. Its thickness is 2 inch and density is 2 ½ pound. It is made up of hypoallergenic material and regulates temperature accordingly. It comes with 5 years warranty and spot cleaning can be provided if needed.
Sensus 2 Inch Visco Foam Mattress Topper
Approximate Price: $169
This is one of the most comforting memory foam topper with a reasonable price tag. It is 2 inch thick with 5 pound density. Sensus products come with 10 years warranty which makes it worth buying. You can also get this topper with a 100% cotton cover.
Serta Ultimate 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Approximate Price: $199.43
This is among the top most memory foam mattress in the market. It is 4 inch thick and the density is around 4 pound. This foam topper is resistant to dust mites and possess antimicrobial properties. It is temperature sensitive and gives a perfect sleeping experience.
Premium Memory Foam 4 Inch Mattress Topper
Approximate Price: $208
This topper is one of the top rated foam mattress topper. It is 4 inch in thickness and 3 pound in density. It gives you a gel like feeling and soften up by the warmth of your body with the help of temperature sensitivity.
These reviews are collected from various sources available in the market. However, it is better to read the customers' reviews before opting for any type of memory foam mattress bedding. It is equally important to decide about the appropriate thickness and density of a mattress so that it can provide adequate support to your body. Price of the product and features may vary with the ones given in this article, hence, check with the company before placing the order. Read the product manual carefully for detailed information.