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Does Lack of Sleep Cause High Blood Pressure?

Does Lack of Sleep Cause High Blood Pressure? Get to Know Here

According to recent studies, sleep deprivation is believed to be one of the causes of high blood pressure. Let us know more on the exact relation between the two.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition caused when the pressure exerted by blood on the wall of arteries, rises above normal. The normal blood pressure should be 120/80 mm Hg. When the pressure rises to 140/90 mm Hg or more, the person is said to be suffering from high blood pressure. Earlier this condition was found only in older adults (above 40 years of age), however, due to the modern-day stressful lifestyle, this condition is found even in younger adults. There are several causes of high blood pressure. According to recent studies, lack of sleep has also been linked to hypertension. But, how exactly does lack of sleep cause hypertension or high blood pressure? Let us find an answer to the query in detail.
Lack of Sleep and High Blood Pressure
As mentioned above, high blood pressure is caused due to several factors. Obesity is one of the most prominent causes of hypertension in men and women. Secondly, smoking, stress, alcoholism, diet, tension, suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes, etc also lead to high blood pressure. However, according to recent studies, it has been found that lack of sleep can also cause high blood pressure or hypertension. The adequate amount of sleep required for human beings is 6-7 hours. People who sleep for less than 6 hours are believed to suffer from high blood pressure. Similarly, people who sleep in between 5-6 hours every day are also found to suffer from high blood pressure.
Sleep is essential for human beings for the relaxation of the entire body and mind. When one sleeps, the heart rate also slows down and the blood pressure is low or normal. But when one does not get adequate amounts of sleep, the heart rate and the blood pressure rises, leading to hypertension. Secondly, when we sleep, the body regulates stress hormones; which does not occur when one does not get sufficient amounts of sleep. This is also one of the factors that cause high blood pressure. Peculiarly, this side effect of lack of sleep has been found in adults less than 60 years of age. It is believed that as older people naturally sleep for a short period, their lack of sleep does not cause any side effect.
You must be aware that lack of sleep causes several health and behavioral disorders. Anxiety, irritability, heart diseases, stroke, disorder of the reproductive system, etc are some of the major side effects of insomnia. According to the recent studies, high blood pressure is also believed to be one of the effects of insomnia. It should be noted that high blood pressure is a severe condition and also one of the factors leading to heart diseases. The excess pressure exerted by the blood can cause disorders of the heart and also lead to coronary heart disease. Therefore, it is essential to treat high blood pressure immediately.
You should consult the doctor to find the best treatment for high blood pressure. There are several medications available in the market that help in lowering high blood pressure. However, if it is caused due to lack of sleep; you should look for methods to treat insomnia. Medications, therapy, changes in lifestyle, etc are some of the treatment methods used to treat insomnia. You should also follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, cut down on smoking and alcoholism completely to lower high blood pressure and treat insomnia.
Now that you know that lack of sleep can lead to life-threatening conditions, you should immediately make amends to get rid of this condition. Have a healthy and happy lifestyle and reduce stress to have a sound sleep every night.