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Best CPAP Masks

Most Reliable Reviews to Help You Select the Best CPAP Mask

The event of selecting one of the best CPAP masks from the market gets easier when you prioritize your need to know what to buy, so that you have a sound sleep all night long! These masks have a bunch of factors and other characteristics to consider. Perhaps, some reviews discussed in this article might help you decide your pick.
Fatima Rangwala
Sometimes, sleeping in awkward positions in the night can create minor respiratory troubles for some people. Many people who unintentionally prefer to sleep in a sideways position often encounter an obstructive condition called sleep apnea. This condition needs to be treated by an appropriate method which is known as CPAP therapy. Through this method, a person who is suffering from sleep apnea problems gets treated properly, and hence is able to breathe easily and sleep in a much comfortable and better way. Many have a habit to sleep on their side position, due to which they suffer minor respiratory troubles during their sleep.
However, with this issue, they are unable to specifically find a type of comfortable mask which they can use while they still sleep on their side. CPAP stands for (Continuous positive airway pressure). These masks are available in different styles and sizes, which can treat sleep apnea to its optimum level. But to acquire a CPAP machine a patient needs to undergo a sleep apnea test and needs to have a CPAP prescription to buy the best mask from the store. Moreover, everyone has a different face shape and different needs to buy a mask for themselves. So if you take a thorough look at the particulars obtainable in the market regarding CPAP masks, you might just find your right size and type of mask to wear at night.
Benefits of CPAP Masks
Some of the masks are constructed in a typical fashion having a strap or a belt around them. Also, it is simply attached with a headgear and worn over one's face to cover the mouth or nasal area. These masks are known to remain in a proper place cohered to the nostrils throughout the night, and hence prove to be an effective treatment for sleep apnea problems. It has a mouthpiece that clings around one's teeth and protracts out in between the lips to support the respiratory tubing, which in turn are used to pass air through the nasal puffs all the way to the nostrils. This action benefits the sleeper in one way, it eliminates all the skin irritation, drooling and nose leakages that he goes through in his sleep. His twists and turns in the sleep positions doesn't affect the mask and stop it from exhibiting its benefits. Hence in short, a user gets total sound and comfortable sleep, regardless whether his / her mouth is open or shut.
In addition to this, there are some other benefits as well, like the usage of this mask reduces snoring during the sleep, drives away all the sleepiness and lack of concentration occurring during the daytime, and it reduces fatigue and headache conditions as well!
Moving further with this subject, we learn that seeking the best CPAP mask for side sleepers kind of gets difficult for people suffering from sleep apnea condition. The main reason for it is lack of knowledge regarding the types of masks available for different types of sleeping positions. Once a user learns about the various kinds, he or she can then decide on the proper purchase.
Types of CPAP Masks
Don't give up on the idea of treating sleep apnea because you are worried that you will select an inappropriate mask for yourself! Here are different designs and styles available in the market, which will help you to know all about mask options.
CPAP Nasal Masks: These masks are the most common in its kind. The mask has a strap around the head region, which basically seats around the nose area comfortably.
CPAP Full Face: These masks are best for people or patients who just breathe through their mouth in their sleep.
CPAP Nasal Pillows: The two nostril tubings have a pillow type of a material which is carefully inserted into the patient's nostrils. Some people are claustrophobic and aren't very comfortable wearing a full faced mask. Nasal pillow masks can be a better option in such a case.
Now that you have some substantial information on selecting masks, I am sure you can decide for yourself the proper functional mask that would make a difference in your sleep durations. Apart from the above seen types and styles of masks, there are some others as well. Like bubble cushions, gel cushions, bubble / gel combination cushions, and so on. Of all these kinds, CPAP nasal pillow masks prove to be the best in the category of masks for side sleepers.
Reviews for CPAP Masks
1. Headrest Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear
To start off, this mask doesn't block a user's vision. It's a comfortable piece to wear. It only touches the nostrils, rendering all the air pressure that is needed, that too without any chafing or irritation all over the face. It has seals and adjustments to tighten the strap. Speaking of the portability, well, one can easily fold it in a compact case and use it even while traveling. Its price is a little less than $100.00.
2. Hans Rudolph Full Face Mask & Headgear
This is a 7600 V2 version, which offers a full face and headgear CPAP mask therapy. This mask has no support at the forehead and covers the chin for extra stability. Moreover, the seal that is present has an incorporated cushion in its construction, for delivering good comfort. Another reason for the existence of a cushion is because the walls of the mask are thin and skimpy, a cushion support is added to the mask. This new version of Hans Rudolph has a nylon foam strap with easy clips, that enables the user to slide the mask on or off the face without any hindrance. This piece is available in all sizes, and its price is around $150.00.
3. SleepNet Mojo Gel Cushion Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
This mask earns a 4 star rating because of its ace construction. The mask fits the curves of a human face and comfortably bends in any direction as needed. It has magnetic clips which do not prove faulty at any point of time, and effectively keeps the mask in its proper position. And due to this tight fit action, there is no air leakage in the headgear. This SleepNet full face mask is durable, strong, and is judged an all time favorable mask for anyone in any condition (even for the side sleepers). Its price is around $135.
Choose the best alternative methods for the sleep apnea condition and start the treatment at your earliest!