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White Noise Machine

Rajib Singha Apr 20, 2019
White noise machine is an electronic device that masks disturbing sounds and produces a pleasant and innocuous sound. The machine simply drowns the different types of noise and promotes relaxation and calmness. The machine is basically a noise cancellation component and can be referred to as a noise conditioner.
Thanks to the ever-increasing noise pollution in our surroundings, we get very rare chances of sound sleep. Noise from the 'never-stopping' traffic, rowdy neighbors, snoring partners and the like, can make our nights sleepless and frustrating.
A white noise machine can help you get rid of unpleasant and annoying sounds. The machine is a perfect alternative to soundproofing. The brain interprets the sound produced by the machine as soothing and pleasant.

What is A White Noise Machine?

As the name suggests, this device works on the principle of white noise. This noise, also known as white sound is not typically a 'noise', but a random signal with a flat power spectral density. It's a combination of all audible frequencies that are played at a single time.
It produces a gentle hiss, like that of a rushing waterfall or wind blowing in the woods, or a sound similar to a fan or a radio static, or like the soft hum of an air-conditioner. Ergo, it could also be known as a sound-masking device.


A white noise machine offers more than one benefit. For specific uses, a particular type of this machine may work better and produce more pleasing sounds than another type. Some machines would generate a calm and mellow tune like that of an electric fan or an air purifier. To lull babies to sleep, the sound of a vacuum cleaner or a hair blower is suitable.
Those who have complaints against hearing disorders, may find the sound produced by a shower or a flowing stream, relieving to their ears. This machine finds myriad of applications starting from homes, offices, college dorms, health care institutions to hotels and motels.
They are recommended to restrain unwanted noise coming from the street, traffic, animals, noisy neighborhood, loud music, telephone conversations, non-stop typing on computers or type writers, constructions sites and many such sources.
A sound-making device can be utilized to the maximum by placing it between the sound source and the receptor. If you are facing a tough time in sleeping or working due to the noise coming from the window, then placing the machine between the window and the bed or chair, will be more effective.
Use of this machine provides relief from insomnia, sleeplessness or restlessness. It improves productivity in office by nullifying distracting conversations and other noises. It also enhances concentration during study hours and helps in lulling small babies to sleep during peak hours of noise.

The Best One

With so many options at hand, it becomes difficult to choose the one which specifically meets your requirement. As mentioned earlier, different machines are built with different sound producing systems. So, go for one that can blanket all kinds of noises. Machines with features of natural sounds are more soothing and calming to the ears.
Electronic white noise devices come with volume variance feature, that is, the volume can be increased and decreased according to your requirement. A thorough research about the prices of the machines would help you get the best deal, so do not mind in spending some extra time when shopping.
The increasing degree of noise pollution is inevitable. With increase in population, noise pollution will also increase. It is difficult to eliminate the sources of noise from producing the noise, however, we can stop them from affecting our daily living; particularly sleep and work.
The white noise machine has been created and designed for our betterment and to help us inhibit the ill effects of noise. So, the next time you go for any buy, shop around and get one of these appliances for your family and kiss all the annoying noises goodbye with a peaceful and a good night sleep. Take care!