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What's Your Alarm Clock Personality? Mind-blogging Answers Await!

What's Your Alarm Clock Personality?
In today's technology-controlled era, cell phone alarms have replaced traditional clocks. You'd be surprised to know that, the way you set your alarm says a lot about you and your personality.
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Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Once upon a time, the streaming of the first rays of the sun and the crowing of the cock were the warning bells for the morning. Then came the chiming clocks, gongs, and trumpets, after which began the advent of the alarm clocks. Some of the first alarm clocks were invented by the ancient Greeks and the Chinese, though, for different purposes than waking up. Today, many prefer using electronic alarm indicators, and there are a lot of options to play around with in your cell phone, apart from the 'snooze' button. Do you know what your alarm clock says about you? Experts state that, your personality is based on how you wake up. Whether it is true or not, your alarm clock personality could make for an interesting discovery.
Commonly Observed Alarm Clock Personalities
The Snooze Man
If you are one of those who hits the 'snooze' button often, you are someone who prefers to avoid things at any cost. You know it's time to get up and get ready, yet, you prefer those extra 10 minutes of sleep, to avoid getting ready at the right time. It could also indicate that you're someone who prefers a crisis instead of a peaceful morning.
The Dependent
If you rely on your friend, partner, parents, or siblings to wake you up, you may be classified as dependent, lazy, and irresponsible. You wake up to the alarm beeps, yet, you prefer to have someone wake you up properly. This indicates that you are highly dependent on others, and are not willing to shoulder responsibility.
The Perfectionist
This breed comprises the overachievers in real life. They set alarms, but wake up before the beeps. In fact, they wake up even earlier than required so that they get ready/complete their work well before time. If you are one of them, well done! You are a perfectionist, and you prefer to be well-prepared and perfect in everything.
The Cell phone Addict
More than 90% of the crowd relies on cell phone alarms for waking up. If you are one of those, you're a tech addict. You cannot function without your cell phone, and rely on it for everything - your needs, your entertainment, etc. In fact, people have become so tech-savvy, that various companies provide interesting smartphone apps that sense your sleeping cycles, and wake you up when your sleep is the lightest.
The Worrier
Do you use more than one alarm clock to wake up? Or perhaps repeated alarms? If yes, you are among those who worry a lot. You panic, take tension, and overthink. You do not trust yourself to wake up despite the alarm, which is why you use more than one. In reality, you probably have several backup plans for life (which is good, actually), and are afraid to take risks.
The Self-troublemaker
There are some who set the alarm ahead of what they actually want, i.e., if they need to wake up at 6am, they set the alarm for 6:15. They believe that, when they see the clock showing 6:15, a temporary panic sets in, and they get ready before time (how this happens is beyond me, after all they set the alarm, they must know the actual time!). In reality, these people seek crisis in every situation and create trouble for themselves, for apparently no reason.
The Procrastinator
This is a breed of sleepyheads. They set the alarm, switch it off when it rings, and conveniently go back to sleep. You are probably a procrastinator if you fall in this group. This indicates that you prefer to postpone everything in life and take things far too easily. It also indicates that you are messy and not at all punctual.
The Self-Reliant Believer
Such morning warriors are very rare. They do not need any alarm/person to wake them up; instead, they are accustomed to waking up without any help at all. They trust the body's internal clock and their own sleep-wake cycles to get up on time. If you are one of those, hats off to you! This kind of perfection comes with a disciplined schedule and fixed routine.
Unique Alarm Clock Personalities
Some people exhibit varying degrees of behavior with their alarms. One of them is an extension of the perfectionist - these people (practically non-existent) are the ones who wake up with a single beep of the alarm, without a minute to spare. They hear the alarm, wake up immediately, switch it off, and then get to work.
Some people prefer music instead of alarm beeps. They hear the entire song/tune, enjoy themselves, get refreshed, and then wake up after the song finishes playing. If you are among these, you're probably the opposite of a traditionalist. You prefer music to a harsh beep - that means you prefer the finer slice of life, rather than the potholes, which you might conveniently avoid. You may not like rigidity or pragmatism either.
There are some people who do wake up when the alarm beeps, switch it off, and then sleep for an extension of ten minutes or so. No, they are not greedy sleepers. They do not sleep infinitely after the alarm is switched off. The ten-minute duration is for their minds to get refreshed, and to prepare themselves for the grueling day ahead. More like a warm-up.
A really unique specimen among alarm clock personalities includes those who wake up once the alarm beeps, carry on a couple of routine morning chores, like checking their Whatsapp messages, Facebook profiles, brushing their teeth, etc., and then conveniently go back to sleep. Such people prefer not to have consistency in life, and love a good rest before any major task that they undertake.
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