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Learn What Causes Snoring in Men and the Remedies to Prevent It

What Causes Snoring in Men?
Snoring, a condition more commonly observed in men, can be the result of sleep disorders, nasal problems, as well as alcohol consumption and smoking. Men generally realize their snoring is a problem after their wives or partners nag about the constant noise at night.
SleepHearty Staff
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
The loud breathing sounds of the upper airway, caused due to disruption of the breathing rhythm during sleep is called snoring.
When you sleep, the muscles of the nose and pharynx enter a relaxed state. The soft tissues in the back of the throat tend to vibrate while breathing. The uvula, tonsils, and palate tend to flap around each other due to obstructed airflow through the narrow gap between nose and pharynx. This leads to the production of a loud sound, and the condition is termed snoring.
The factors that lead to snoring in men have been discussed below.
Nasal Problems
Nasal Problems
One of the common problems that leads to snoring is nasal obstruction. It may occur due to various reasons like nasal septum deviation, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, etc.
Pharynx Obstruction
When the pharynx is obstructed due to a variety of reasons, it leads to vibration of soft tissues. This can occur due to excessive fat tissue under the pharyngeal mucosa, as well as tonsillitis, hypertrophy, etc.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Here, a person suffers from interrupted breathing due to narrowing of the upper airways, during sleep. The transient pause in breathing rouses the person from sleep, and causes a disturbance in the normal sleeping pattern. This sleep disorder is characterized by snoring, snorting and grasping sounds, and is more common in obese individuals.
Lack of exercise, and increase in body fat around the throat, can be one of the reasons. In such individuals, there is a lack of muscle tone, and the airway tends to collapse frequently. The fat tissues around the neck, press the airways during sleep. This causes air obstruction and vibration of the soft tissues causing the person to snore.
Alcohol tends to slow down the brain's responses. Thus, the muscles relax more than they normally do, and the throat flaps collapse easily. It also causes nasal irritation and congestion, leading to snoring.
When a person smokes, it begins to irritate the nasal cavity and throat. This irritation leads to inflammation, that narrows the nasal passages, leading to disturbed sleep and snoring.
Other causes may include stress, high blood pressure, hormonal problems, aging, etc. It is therefore, a good idea to get yourself examined by a doctor, and find out if you are suffering from any such health problems.
Preventive Measures
People who are overweight should ensure weight loss through healthy means. This will not only reduce or prevent snoring, but also help you to overcome other health issues like high blood pressure, cardiac ailments, etc.
quit smoking and alcohol
One should avoid smoking, as well as refrain from consuming alcohol and chocolates about 4 hours before going to sleep.
nasal drops
If you suffer from nasal congestion, clear your nasal passages by steam inhalation, use of nasal drops, etc.
sleeping posture
Sleeping on the side also helps, as it prevents fatty tissues from squeezing your nasal passages. There are many anti-snoring devices and aids, which prevent the jaws from moving back, and also clear the nasal passages.
The precise treatment depends on the underlying cause, and it is best to visit a physician to investigate the same. Conditions like sleep apnea and pharynx obstruction may lead to serious health issues, if not treated early.

Disclaimer: This SleepHearty article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.