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40 Amazing Thoughts Everyone Has When They Can't Sleep

Buzzle Staff Oct 28, 2018
Dear sleep, sorry I used to hate you when I was younger. I absolutely love you now! Don't we all cherish our beloved moments with sleep. But there are days when she eludes our welcoming arms. Then the struggle to catch some much-needed shut-eye begins.
You brush your teeth, switch off the lights, and slip under a comfy blanket. Your bed welcomes you with open arms. You relax and fall asleep. If only things were as simple as that. There are days when sleep decides to play hard-to-get.
You start wondering why you aren't dozing off. Then you start thinking about your neighbor's pet, the embarrassing incident you had in school, or how your ex cheated on you, blah, blah, blah... Now it seems like Mr. Brain doesn't want to sleep, and those racing thoughts just won't stop!!!

The Thoughts of a Sleepless Soul

I should start going to bed earlier.

I can still get 7 hours of sleep though.
★ My sheets are feeling itchy. When was the last time I changed my sheets? I should buy new ones.

★ I should check if Steve liked my Instagram pic. Yay! He did.

★ Now that am online, I should check Facebook and Twitter as well.

★ Damn, it's already 1:20 am.
★ I am so nervous about tomorrow's big lunch meeting. 

★ I am hungry.

★ I should check my presentation once again.
★ If I sleep now, I'll still get around 6 hours of sleep.

★ Why didn't I get the big project? I deserved it more than that stupid Tammy.
★ I am out of eggs. What should I make for breakfast tomorrow? I'll go grocery shopping after work tomorrow.

★ I should ask Steve out for coffee. What if he says no!

★ I don't think am going to sleep tonight.
★ Why is Tammy so famous? Probably just coz she's hot!

★ What if Steve is hooking up with her?
★ I shouldn't have broken up with Larry. We were so good together. So what if he was afraid of commitment. We could have worked things out. Why the hell did I listen to Agatha?

★ I need more clothes. But first, I need to pee.
★ I should try sleeping on my back. Apparently that's very healthy.
★ This is damn uncomfortable.

★ Wow! It's already 4 am.

★ I won't be able to go the gym tomorrow. Need all the extra sleep!
★ I am going to relax and sleep now.

★ What was that? Did my neighbor fall from his bed. Oh my God! It could be a burglar.
★ Ema was very quiet yesterday. Something is definitely bothering her. I'll ask her the next time we meet.

★ How am I going to survive tomorrow?
★ What if I have some disease?
★ Maybe I should talk to a sleep counselor.

★ Wait, I don't need therapy, I need a boyfriend. I'll sleep better when I have strong arms comforting me.
★ Shucks, I'm going to be sleepy during the meeting in the morning.

★ I am feeling drowsy now.

★ Yay! Finally I'll be able to sleep.