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12 Things Only People Who Love to Sleep Can Really Relate To

12 Things That People Who Love to Sleep Can Relate To
Sleep time is one of the most important parts of the day. It helps in proper functioning of our body. But there are some people who love sleeping so much, that they can spend the whole day sleeping. So, if you too are one of them, this SleepHearty article will surely make your day. We have enlisted a few things that only those people who love sleeping can really understand.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
"The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more."
― Wilson Mizener
Sleeeep. If you are reading this article, then I'm guessing you too probably understand what the pleasure of sleeping is. Nobody seems to get our love for sleeping. It's one of the most essential needs of man, so that his body can function properly. Did you know, us humans can actually die due to lack of sleep? That's the reason you see some people simply love sleeping, because they don't want to die this early due to lack of sleep.

Call it a nap, siesta, dozing, snoozing, hibernating, slumber, trance, beauty sleep, or whatever you want to, it still is and will always be the most favorite part of the day for us sleep lovers. It makes you forget about the world, and releases you off the daily stress and pain, and you enjoy every bit of it. All you need is a soft and comfortable bed, warm and cozy blankets, and a pillow. So all those Sleeping Beauties out there, here are some things that you will definitely understand better.
Struggles of People Who Love Sleeping
You love the sight of your bed and pillows
After a long and tiring day at work, when you get back home, you just want to throw yourself on the bed and sneak inside a warm blanket. You consider it your territory, where no one else is supposed to even wander around. It's not just your bed. It's your heaven, couch, workplace, wardrobe, chair, etc. Umm, you get the picture, don't you? It's like your life revolves around your bed. You sleep with at least three pillows. One to sleep on, second one to hug, and the third one to probably throw off the bed in your sleep; but still you need it around while sleeping.
You calculate the hours of sleep that you'll get every night
The countdown every night is the most dreaded, or the most celebrated part of the day for you. You calculate the number of hours of sleep that you'll get every night without fail, and you are heartbroken if it is any less than eight hours. You just can't understand how people function through the day with less than eight hours of sleep. You also probably calculate the absolute latest time that you can wake up at and still manage to reach office on time. That's SO me!
You can sleep anywhere and at anytime of the day
Doesn't matter what place you are in, or whether there's any bed or not, you can fall asleep anywhere and at any given time of the day, even if it means dozing off for 10 minutes if your boss is not around. You look for couches, beanbags, and recliners whenever you are visiting someone, so that you can take a nice little nap for a while at least.
You skip parties and get-togethers just to catch up on sleep
Given a choice between partying and sleeping, you prefer catching on some sleep. It's just not your thing to go out and party. You never feel bad for missing out on a movie or a great party. And even if you do attend one, you make sure that you don't put your eyes to 'rest', because you know you'll pass out.
You feel like smashing your alarm clock at times (actually everyday!)
You consider your alarm clock to be the villain in your life. You get these urges and sometimes even dreams of smashing it into bits and pieces for disturbing your beauty sleep every morning. You wish it were a person, so that you could kill it. Die alarm clock, die!
Sleeping is your favorite pastime or even a hobby
Well, at least you tell that to everyone, so that they do not disturb you at odd hours during the day. If given a choice between going for a movie or any adventure and sleeping, you'd always pick sleeping. Your bed counts as your best friend too, right? You're jealous of people, and sometimes even animals who get to sleep more than you.
You make sure you set 5-7 alarms before sleeping every night
You have this habit of setting at least five alarms for the next morning, because you know you'd switch one off and doze away again. Therefore, you set alarms with an interval of 10 - 15 minutes in between, with the first one being just a little warm-up to help you wake up after an hour. You feel as if the SNOOZE button was invented just for you. You've developed this love-hate relationship with the snooze button for this reason only.
You've reserved weekends for sleeping
Oh, how we love the weekends! You look forward to them more than anything else in this world. And once they arrive, you hibernate into your own world of sleep and dreams. You can simply sleep, sleep, and sleep without having to set any alarms for next day. You prefer skipping breakfast so that you get a few more hours of sleep, and have brunch or lunch instead, and then sleep again. Moreover, you can even sleep on Sundays. There are times when you sleep for like 17 hours straight, and still not feel guilty about it.
You cannot stand the morning sunlight
You are definitely thankful to God for providing you with sunlight that gives you Vitamin D, but you also wish it didn't come knocking on your window around 6 am every morning. I mean, why can't the sun come out at, let's say, 10 a.m? Speaking of which, you make sure that you get darker and thicker curtains for your room. And you sometimes wish you could live in a dark cave, where there's no sunlight at all, so that you could sleep all day long.
Whenever you are not sleeping, you dream and think about sleeping
You get up every morning so that you get to sleep again. You wish you had a few more hours to sleep in the morning, everyday. Whether you are in class or office, you desperately wait for the nights, so that you get to sleep.
You hate early risers
You simply don't understand which insane planet these early risers belong to, especially those who always are up at 6 in the morning, even on weekends. You often find yourself wondering if it's a problem with you, or them.
No amount of coffee can make your sleepiness go away
You probably don't start your day until you've had a cup of coffee. You still feel sleepy even if you are three cups down already. There's no caffeine strong enough in this world that will help you remain fresh and wide awake.
These were some things that you'll definitely understand if you love sleeping. So how many of these could you relate to? Do let us know, by dropping in a few lines in our comments section below.
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