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Find Out Whether Snoring Chin Straps Will Work Effectively for You

Sonia Nair Apr 28, 2019
A snoring chin strap is a simple device that is claimed to be effective to control snoring. Go through this story for a brief overview about the device.
Snoring is very common, and studies show that more than half of the adults suffer from this condition. While most of them are habitual snorers, some people experience it occasionally. Snoring could be a symptom of some serious underlying medical condition, like sleep apnea. During sleep, the muscles of the throat, tongue, and the palate, relax.
These relaxed tissues vibrate as air flows in and out, during breathing. In some cases, this condition may partially obstruct the airways too. As the airways get narrower, breathing becomes forceful, resulting in increased vibration of the tissues. Snoring gets louder as the vibration of the tissues increases.
Apart from the faulty anatomy of the mouth, and nasal problems; there are various factors that contribute to snoring. They include obesity, alcohol consumption, and sleep apnea.

Solutions for Snoring

Mild and occasional snoring can be countered with some lifestyle changes. Stopping excess alcohol consumption and smoking, and weight loss, are some of them. Clearing the blockage in the nasal passage may resolve the condition in some cases.
There are many other options, like nasal strips, lubricating throat sprays, dental devices, CPAP, surgery; and anti-snore devices, like pillows, adjustable beds, and clothing. One such anti-snoring device is the snoring chin strap, which keeps the mouth shut, and forces the user to breathe through the nose.

How Effective is a Snoring Chin Strap?

This chin strap is an anti-snoring device that is aimed to stop mouth breathing, which is the most common cause of snoring. If the mouth is kept closed with this chin strap, the snorer will be forced to breathe through the nose during sleep; and thus, snoring can be stopped.
The snoring chin strap comes in two forms. It can be in the form of an adhesive strip that is attached to the chin and the cheeks, so that the mouth remains closed during sleep. Another form is the jaw supporting strap, that goes around the head and under the chin. By fastening this strap around the head, the mouth is kept shut, and this eliminates snoring.
In case of snorers with a stuffy nose, nasal strips can be used, along with the chin strap, for easy breathing. While most of the users are found to be satisfied with the effectiveness of this device, regular use is recommended for best results. The snoring chin strap can be uncomfortable, especially the jaw strap that wraps around the head.
This device works best for those who stay in position while sleeping. The strap may not stay in place, if the user has the habit of tossing and turning during sleep. This chin strap is not meant for those with health problems, like sleep apnea. Even those with nasal congestion must avoid use of this device.
In short, snoring chin strap may prove effective for those who breathe through their mouths. It is always better to consult your physician, and get the underlying problem diagnosed, before using anti-snoring devices.
In other words, such a device must be used, only after consulting your health care provider. If there is any serious underlying medical problem, like sleep apnea, the person may need specialized treatment.
Even though snoring is considered a sleep disorder; in some cases, it could be a symptom of underlying medical conditions. So, always seek the opinion of your doctor, and follow his instructions. Anti-snoring devices like snoring chin strap can be used, as per the doctor's advice.
Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.