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Here's How the Need of Sleeping Tablets Becomes an Addiction

Shalu Bhatti Apr 21, 2019
Is there something known as sleeping tablets addiction? Can a person actually become so dependent on these drugs that it would take a rehab therapy to get rid of it? This article will take you through some shocking facts and truth about addiction of sleeping tablets.
You get up early in the morning, hurry up to make your morning coffee and breakfast, go for a shower, get ready and rush to work with your breakfast in hand. You are late for work, but you still manage to sneak in without drawing much attention on your late punch-in.
Everyone is wishing you good morning, you catch up with your colleagues about the early morning gossip and then starts your actual 'work' at office. Your boss expected you to prepare the report in a different manner, you have deadlines to meet and things to finish, there is pressure... loads of pressure, you have good moments and bad moments.
At one hand where you have a boss to pester you, you have a few colleagues who are there to make the heavy moments a little light. The time at work is over, your body is out of the workplace, but your mind is still thinking about it.
You suddenly get a call from your spouse or lover and there are things unsettled, you have no idea where your relationship is going..., or where your life is leading you!
You reach home late in the evening, the thoughts of your work pressure, your relationship, your life are haunting you all the way. You take a shower, take a glass of wine, and keep on pondering over those thoughts all the more. 
Then comes the time of the night when you can finally let all these thoughts go away and relax your mind to sleep, only to begin a fresh new day with a fresh new approach. But what happens? You can't sleep! Your mind is still running over the thoughts of today... or even planning for tomorrow!
You look at the clock, it was 1 A.M. when you switched off the lights and it's 3 A.M. now. You have to be awake after the next 4 hours. Giving it all up, you pull out the drawer and pop a sleeping pill and have a sound sleep. Does this sound like your routine? Or, is it even close to how you got the sleeping tablets addiction?

Sleeping Pills Addiction

Statistics reveal that almost 50% of Americans suffer from sleep disturbances like insomnia. Which probably includes you, as you are reading on how sleeping pills can turn out to be an addiction! We all are aware of the number of celebrities who have taken medical assistance to get over sleeping pill addiction.
Take Eminem for example. And who can forget the death of Heath Ledger due to drug overdose. With things moving so fast, and the burden of new responsibilities and expectations, it is normal to feel pressurized. Though you may not notice this pressure, the way you can't sleep normally, no matter how hard you try shows the fact that there is something wrong.
We don't blame you if you take help of sleeping pills to get some sleep and give your thoughts a hold. It mean, it is better to just pop a tablet and sleep rather than being awake and spend the day exhausted! But then there are many dangers of sleeping tablets that can prove to have fatal consequences later on.
It includes the following.
  • Emotional and physical dependency on the tablet.
  • Uncontrollable shaking and shivering of the body.
  • Loss of memory
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Need to increase the dose because your body becomes used to the usual dose you had been taking and becomes tolerant with it, resulting in an overdose.
  • Mixing sleeping tablets with other medications, alcohol and even grapefruit can prove to be very hazardous.
  • Lack of coordination and respiratory disorders.
  • Facial swelling along with swelling on the throat, tongue and lips.
  • Lack of judgment
  • Parasomnias is a condition wherein the person ends up acting and behaving in a certain way, while still being asleep. People who become addictive to sleeping pills may end up doing activities like sleepwalking, eating while sleeping, making phone calls while asleep and even drive while in a deep sleep.
Do you realize how fatal can the consequences of sleeping tables addiction be? If you check online about sleeping pill addictions, or just type the term 'Ambien addiction', you will find a number of forums that actually have people dealing with sleeping tablets addiction. Ambien is known as the queen of all sleeping pills. 
The addiction can become so severe, that it can actually lead to death. Which is why, the first thing that should come in your mind when you consider taking up sleeping pills for a good sleep should be 'NO'! Trust me, there are people whose lives have turned upside down just because of this addiction. 
Imagine if you get up while still sleeping, put on the cooking stove and then sleep back with the flame on! Or what would happen if you end up driving while still sleeping and kill yourself in an accident! This addiction can be so bad that you would want to pop a pill every time you would want to relax yourself, even if it is NOT the time to sleep. 
People like the drowsy feeling that the pills give them. But then when they realize that they have actually made matters even worse, it is usually way too late. If you too, are under the impression that you might be suffering from this addiction, then you need to 'GET HELP' as soon as possible. 
Do not be under the 'impression' that you'll be able to come out of the addiction all by yourself! Just take some professional help and save yourself from some irreversible consequences in the future... which in the case of some individuals, was death! Remember, it is your addiction and you have to fight with yourself to come over it!