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8 Sleeping Postures and Their Impact on the Body

Buzzle Staff Mar 2, 2019
Troubled by constant skin breakouts? Sometimes the reason can be totally unsuspecting. Yeah, your sleep position could lead to wrinkles or breakouts. Try sleeping on your back for a few days and check out the difference!

Posture Portrays the Personality

The way you sleep depicts your personality traits. Yeah. Apparently, there's a connection between sleeping position and personality. People who sleep in the fetal position are said to be jealous, whereas those who sleep on their backs are open-minded.
Have you noticed the way you sleep? No, am not talking about how well or for how long you sleep. It's time to talk about the position fellas. We never really give posture the attention it deserves. It is important to know about the different sleeping postures. After all, they do impact your body in numerous ways.
The reason your hand constantly feels strained or how stiff your shoulders are could be as simple as a wrong sleep posture. An important ingredient in the sleep recipe, the right posture will help you wake up to fresher mornings and a healthier you!
Pros: This is the ideal sleeping position. Since there are no contortions, the back is at ease, making it good for the spine and the neck. A soft pillow gives added support. It also leads to fewer skin wrinkles and breakouts.
Cons: When sleeping on the back, the tongue obstructs the airways due to gravity, which in turn leads to snoring. Thus, there are more chances of developing sleep apnea.
Pros: Also called the starfish position, it is good for the back and leads to lesser wrinkles and breakouts.
Cons: Since the hands are up, it may lead to pressure on the nerves in the shoulders and arms. It is also associated with acid reflux. Sleeping on the back increases the risk of sleep apnea, as it leads to snoring problems. Overall, this position is neither healthy nor very comfortable.
Pros: Many consider sleeping on the left side the best position. It has a lot of benefits. It is very good for spine alignment, eases heartburn and acid reflux. As it improves blood circulation, it's the healthiest sleeping position during pregnancy.
Cons: Sleeping on any one side may put pressure on the shoulder. It also worsens wrinkles and leads to sagging breasts. Another disadvantage is the undue strain on some internal organs.
Pros: Sleeping on the right side prevents stress on the internal organs.

Cons: It can worsen heartburn and wrinkles, lead to sagging breasts (blame gravity!). It may strain the hand or shoulders as well.
Pros: Sleeping on this side is good for people who have snoring problems.

Cons: Sleeping with the arms out puts extra pressure on them, and may lead to a disrupted sleep.
Pros: Many of us love to sprawl out on our tummies and doze off to glory. The only advantage of this position is that it prevents snoring.
Cons: This position has been adjudged as the worst sleeping position. It leads to more wrinkles and breakouts (the face is sloshed on the pillow), sagging breasts (gravity), and neck strain (constant tilting and twisting). The spine is also not supported, which may lead to back pain.
Pros: The fetal position is a favorite of many people. It prevents snoring, and is good for pregnant women.

Cons: This is one of the worst positions as it strains the neck and the back. It may restrict deep breathing, and lead to bad posture.
Pros: The log position is extremely beneficial for spine alignment.

Cons: Gravity will lead to sagging breasts, and wrinkles may worsen as well.
Pillows can be used to make positions comfortable, but do restrict the number to one or two. Man is a creature of habit, so it's ridiculous to expect that you'll be able to switch your sleeping position in a single night.
A different positioning may work wonders for your health. Of course, do give comfort priority, as twisting and turning all night will do more harm than good. Focus on the quality of sleep, rather than quantity.