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Alternatives for Sleeping Pills Without the Side Effects

Rahul Thadani Apr 21, 2019
Sleeping pills are good for people who suffer from insomnia or are traveling to places under other time zones, but people who are addicted to these pills to sleep soundly every single night need to start searching for some alternatives and get over their addiction.
Sleeping pills undoubtedly help people with sleep related problems get a good nights sleep, but the reality is that many people suffer from a very real case of addiction.
They get so used to sleeping under the stupor caused by these pills, that they are unable to go to sleep at night without these pills. This is a situation that must be avoided at all costs since these pills contain several chemicals that upset the natural balance of the body intensely, and this causes many dangerous side effects in the individual.
One must not resort to consuming sleeping pills unless a doctor has prescribed them. An individual does not have the ability to determine how many pills he must take, and people who are addicted to them also end up consuming these pills in higher quantities.
The need of the hour in such a situation is an alternative that can provide the body with some relief and satiate the desire for the pill. There are several natural as well as the chemical alternatives to sleeping pill that one can resort to, and we will be telling you all about these options here.

Alternatives to Sleeping Pills

The primary reason why people consume sleeping pills in the first place is because they are having trouble falling asleep. Any natural act that can induce sound sleep in the individual will work as an effective alternative in this case, so here are the different options.
Drink a warm glass of milk before you go to bed, or try a cup of chamomile tea instead. These items contain ingredients that make one sleepy, and other foods that make you sleepy like almonds, oatmeal and bananas contain these ingredients as well.
Lead a busy life and occupy yourself with tasks all day long. If possible, exercise every alternate day. The aim is to burn energy and tire your body so that you need to sleep in order for your body to recuperate. People who have been living sedentary lifestyles will find it very difficult to fall asleep at nights.
Follow a proper sleeping pattern and get around 8 hours of sleep every night. People who stay up all night and sleep all day will not be able to fall asleep early at night all of a sudden, so they may resort to pills as a result.
Try aromatherapy. There are certain herbs that make one feel sleepy, and one can expose themselves to the scent of these herbs before sleeping. The most popularly used herbs are chamomile, vanilla, kava, lavender, sandalwood, bergamot and mandarin oil.
Melatonin and Valerian can also be used as alternatives to sleeping pills, but these should not be overused since they cause fatigue in the daytime.
There are several habits which cause difficulties in falling asleep and these activities should be avoided, especially before one goes to bed. Using recreational drugs, smoking nicotine, watching too much TV or working for prolonged periods on the computer right before sleeping will also cause trouble.
So one needs to refrain from these activities, and indulge in relaxing acts like meditating, listening to light music or reading before going to bed.
Restorative Yoga is a form of Yoga that causes one to feel sleepy after performing it. It is highly advisable to carry out some asanasof this Yoga style before going to bed, as this will enable one to get a much sounder sleep.
Sleeping pills side effects can cause some severe changes in the human body, and also increase its dependence on the pills themselves. It is OK to use these pills on a temporary basis, but there are many people who start getting addicted to these pills. This is a situation that must be avoided, and the way to do so is to resort to some alternatives instead.