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Sleep-inducing House Plants to Keep in the Bedroom

CH Mridula Feb 28, 2019
Who doesn't like to sleep? A short sweet nap can sometimes be the perfect remedy for body and mind, and Mother Nature has plenty of alternatives in her lap to bring us close to nature and sleep.
Is your ideal sleep time taking a back seat in your priority list? Ignoring the need to doze off may prove harmful for the health as studies have shown that a human body can often live up to 2 months without food, but can barely survive more than 11 days without sleep.

English Ivy

The fascinating thing about this vine species is that firstly, it is perennial, and secondly, it can grow anywhere and keeps the entire area cool.
Experiments on English Ivy have proven that this little green flowering plant is capable of absorbing the toxic gases in the air and is also a potent oxide neutralizer.

Peace Lily

After conducting various tests on Peace Lily, NASA concluded that this flower plant is a great option to neutralize the surroundings from gases like benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde. The tests also found that it induces a deep sleep.


Any sweet fragrance lulls to sleep, especially Jasmine. Not only do its flowers make the room beautiful and open, they also help to relieve anxiety and stress. Also, it helps in improving the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

Bamboo Palm

Not only will this swaying green leafy plant add charm to your bedroom, it will also dilute and disinfect its surroundings off contaminants like formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.
Introduce this natural air purifier in your home and feel more close to nature's purity.


Pretty and tiny purple flowers with a mesmerizing fragrance that could enchant anyone, Lavender is one of the most sought-after house plants for a better sleep.
The plant is as strong and defensive against chemical toxins and effluents suspended in the air as it is devastatingly beautiful. Bring this tiny shrub to your home and treat your sleep-related issues.

Variegated Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue (not literally!), these long and standing reeds have different color strips and do not require much space. Don't go by its appearance as its looks are deceptive.
It may appear as a mere decorative plant, but in reality, it is one of those limited shrubs which releases oxygen even at night, thereby keeping the air around you clean while you are sleeping.


Dump all your sleeping pills and bring home this little green angel. Known as a  sleep therapist, its flowers make you feel enthusiastic and fresh and also help in dealing with stress, anxiety, headache, breathing problems and migraine.

Passion Flower

Not only does this mysterious flower bears a religious association, but is also a decorative plant that can adorn your comforting corner - the bedroom.
It is said to treat sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, psychological disturbances, nerve problems, and even breathing issues.


Originally belonging to the Subtropical regions, Gardenia or Cape Jasmine is also a useful herb that relieves anxiety, stress, muscular spasms, and helps you feel fresh and energetic after a good night's sleep.

Spider Plant

Leaves that appear like the legs of a spider, this plant can protect your surroundings from carcinogenic elements - substances that responsible for cancer.
Many household items like glue, paints, and other toxic fumes could affect your health, but not to worry, Spider plant is there for the rescue. Bring home this tiny plant and keep your health problems at bay.