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Loud Snoring

Want to Get Rid of Loud Snoring? Try Out These Remedies

Loud snoring is a problem that many people face and want to get rid of. Let us see what causes it and how to solve it effectively.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
In a general gathering of people - your relatives or friends, there is always at least that one person you know who has the habit of snoring loudly. Now this you know for a fact cause it has kept you awake the entire night through! Or their reputation precedes them. Having suffered the night away, when you do tell them about it, they either straight right deny it, or refuse to believe it, no matter what. And you are left wondering, how it is humanely possible for a person to produce so much noise through his loud snoring and yet sleep peacefully through the night. Of course there are those who've come to accept that their snoring loudly is a cause of concern and they want to solve it as well. For both these categories, the following article should help.
Snoring is a sleep disorder that is mainly caused when the airway through which we breathe, is narrowed and constricted. This could happen for a number of reasons. Either due to a poor sleeping position or due to abnormalities in the soft tissue of one's throat. These reasons lead to a narrowed airway and that in turn leads to disturbed breathing and loud snoring.
A person who has too much nasal tissue or throat tissue, or even a floppy throat is more prone to snore loudly. Similarly, when we sleep, our tongue might curve back and partially block the passageway of the throat. Which could then lead to this condition. Here are some of the specific causes that could lead to snoring loudly in a person:
Sometimes, this condition comes about as a result of our genes and heredity. These would include factors like a cleft palate, narrow throat, enlarged adenosids and tissue fat. All these factors can be hereditary and beyond our control.
Throat Problems
Suffering from certain ailments like asthma, cold, allergies, strep throat or sinus infections can block the airway and make it narrower. This in turn will lead to a vacuum in the throat and will cause snoring.
Age and Sex
As a person ages, his throat becomes narrower and narrower and the throat muscles become lax and less. Thus blocking the airway. Men have narrower airway passages than women and are therefore more prone to snoring.
Sleeping Position
Certain sleeping positions, especially the one which involves lying flat on your back could cause snoring. In this position, there are more chances of the tongue rolling back and causing the flesh in the throat to relax. Thereby blocking the airway.
Smoking or even passive smoking causes the throat to relax, thereby leading to loud snoring. Similarly, alcohol and medication have the same effect as well.
Being Overweight
When there are fatty tissue stores and poor muscle tone in the body, there is every chance that it will lead to snoring.
Sleep Apnea
This condition could be caused due to a disorder called sleep apnea. Loud snoring sleep apnea literally means 'cessation of breath'. In this, upper airway obstruction occurs which can be caused by a reduction in blood oxygen saturation. The airway could be blocked at several places at once due to many reasons. It usually includes complete blockage of the airway and a person can go without breathing in for 10 seconds at a stretch, after which he will gasp for air. This will most definitely cause snoring loudly.
Correct Sleeping Position
Sleeping on the back is one of the main causes of snoring loudly. Try to get into the habit of sleeping on the side instead of the back, and pretty soon the snoring problem will correct itself and you will stop snoring.
Lose Weight
A small degree of weight loss will ensure that the fatty tissue at the back of the throat is reduced and that will decrease snoring.
Clear Nasal Passageway
Since blocking of the nasal passageway leads to loud snoring, clearing the nasal blockage will help solve the problem. Nasal strips or nasal decongestants will help to clear the blockage, breathe more easily and therefore get rid of the condition.
Avoid Certain Foods
Foods like high fat milk products or soy products will lead to a mucus build up and therefore lead to a blockage in the throat. Similarly, alcohol, medication and smoking will lead to blocking of the throat. So if you avoid these products and substances, the problem will solve by itself.
Elevate Your Head
Elevating the head by four inches will prevent the tongue from falling back and the jaw from slacking. Thus stopping the instances of snoring loudly.
Medical Remedies
Carrying forth certain surgeries like Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP) increases the size of your airway thereby allowing better breathing. So also the Pillar procedure or the Palatal implantation surgeries are carried out. Others include the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) method and fitting of certain dental appliances and breathing devices.
When the body shuts down for the night, it needs to fall into a deep, undisturbed sleep in order to repair the day's wear and tear. If there's loud snoring involved when you sleep, there are chances that a deep sleep is not really happening. So do yourselves a favor (and others, of course) and use these methods to stop snoring the night away!