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How Your Mattress Is Affecting Your Health

Paisley Hansen Sep 28, 2019
A mattress is an item that plays a vital role in our health and general wellbeing. If you sleep on a right mattress, you will promote your health. If otherwise, these are some of the health effects your mattress can cause.

It Can Increase Stress

If you are sleeping on an old or bad mattress, you may experience back pain, and get irritated most of the time. The discomfort and irritation will lead to inadequate sleep. Poor sleep, in turn, impacts your cortisol levels by increasing them, hence making you stressed and depressed.

It Can Trigger Allergies

Bedbugs are harmful as they affect your skin and comfort during sleep. They may cause snoring while sleeping. Take care of your mattress and maintain hygiene to be safe from allergies. A mattress should be changed every 6 to 8 months.

It Can Cause Snoring

Your mattress may contribute to your snoring. An old mattress full of dust can cause snoring. Dust causes respiratory problems by blocking the air passages, making it difficult to breathe when asleep. Ensure that the mattress you sleep on is clean and supports your body.

It Can Lead to Weight Gain

An uncomfortable mattress will cause weight gain. Lack of sleep promotes binge eating, over eating. Have an in-depth analysis of your weight gain. It could be due to your mattress. You can compare mattress pad vs topper as to which fits the best and gives comfort.

It Weakens Your Immunity

Lack of proper sleep due to a poor or old mattress weakens the immune system. You may start experiencing conditions like cold or other illnesses. Lack of good sleep increases chances of developing heart diseases such as hypertension, cardiac arrest, stroke, heart failure.


These are some problems associated with an old mattress that you use. A poor mattress has an impact on your beauty as it makes your eyes get puffy and red due to less sleep. Invest in a new mattress to avoid spending on treating health problems.