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How to Train Yourself to Wake Up Early Even If You're a Night Owl

How to Wake Up Early
Reluctant to leave the bed in the morning? Getting up with a start, jumping out of the bed, and staying up till your eyes repel sleep, could just shove the drowsiness away. You mustn't just stress your gut out to wake up early in the morning. It'll come at ease―provided you have a reason.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
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Battling with the snooze option on my alarm clock on a daily basis, I rationalize even the silliest of reasons to convince myself to sleep for a few minutes more―fully cognizant of the fact that those ten minutes would soak up ten more minutes of sleep. It would be wrong on my part to categorize myself as one of those creatures of the night―my life, if you ask me, is one of those humdrum daily soaps; mundane, repetitive, and clearly useless. So I am not in the correct place to state punch-drunk excuses for getting up late in the morning. For reasons I am yet to retrospect, there is no cogent answer I could figure out on why I wake up late, even when I hit the bed early. That said, it was eventually my job that, even though turned my life topsy-turvy in a matter of days, proffered me enough reasons to wake up early. As desperate as it may sound, I am yet to meet a person (other than my grandparents), who wake up early without a solid reason, or without something worthy to get done the next morning. Did I just give you a tip on waking up early? To your surprise, what follows below are some more tips to wake up early―for school, work, or reasons you're hunting all over hell for.
How to Wake Up in the Morning Early and Fresh
To tell you the truth, those who claim it's a gargantuan task to hit the bed early at night are clearly lying. To my construe, this is one of those generations where you'd kill to get even the shortest of naps, at any time of the day. Convince me to stay up late, and I might not disappoint you. But when I find myself questioning why I am up unnecessarily, I find pleasure in nothing else but hitting the bed.
tell your mother to wake you up
From what I could think of, one of the simplest ways to wake up early for school, leaving those pleasurable moments of snuggling inside your bed on a chilly winter morning, is to give your mom the responsibility of kicking you in the butt.
Tried it before? Did you expect better? Okay, here's another one.
think about your crush
For kids who find it difficult to wake up early in the morning for school and college, the best way perhaps is to think about the coolest thing that's going to happen the next day in school. You may have your favorite teacher's class tomorrow, or a sports class, or even an opportunity to see your crush (this makes sense, I think). The idea is to have just a single reason stirring you up to leave the bed and dress up for school.
For those who head out to work, figuring out how to become an early riser calls for resolve, a resolution, and nothing else. You cannot wake up early without sleeping early, as the life of an employee is comparatively strenuous.
sleeping in office
While childhood reminds me of those long, long naps, it is today that I don't think twice before dozing off on my desk at work, even when I know the surveillance camera is right above my head In order to avoid snoring at work, all I could think of was to cut down on late-night parties and establish a stable routine in life, valuing time management. You just need to train yourself to wake up early, as there is no medication or remedy that could help you out with this.
One of the tips is that you schedule your day in such a way that the morning hours make up for the most important segment of the day, you're left with no option but to wake up on time. For instance, you could plan a meeting at 8:00 am, or set up a breakfast date with your new girlfriend, that leaves you with no substitute. Trust me, girlfriends and wives often make up the biggest reasons for you to give up your sleep. Seems like girlfriends are pretty jealous of the bed you sleep in!
tell a friend to wake you up
At many instances, I decided on joining a fitness club. Working out in the morning was a pain, and it shouldn't come as a surprise if I tell you that I couldn't continue with the gym for more than a week! Happens. But that reminds me of a successful trick to wake up early―having a self-motivated companion. I, a self-acclaimed lazy-bone, learned how to wake up in the morning only after constant attempts that my friend made to wake me up everyday, without fail.