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How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress

Sheetal Mandora Feb 28, 2019
The process of dusting and cleaning the bedroom is incomplete till the mattress is done. Cleaning the mattress does not confine to changing bed sheet or pillow cover but also a periodic flipping and rotating has to be done to equal the amount of pressure exerted on the sides of the mattress.
Every night, after having a long and tiring day where all you seem to do is work, finish chores, clean and cook, a comfortable and cozy bed is very inviting. The need to be inside the covers, getting the much-needed support for your back, and going into a deep sleep sounds so tempting.
And for this scene to happen every night, you need to take proper care of your mattresses, regardless of their size and year of use. Just cleaning and vacuuming your bedroom, changing bed sheets and pillow covers isn't enough.
You need to properly clean and flip your mattresses from time to time as well. Now, the main point here is, knowing how often should you flip your mattresses.

How Often to Flip Mattresses

Ideally, when you are thinking of flipping a mattress, you should do this twice a year. So after every 6 months, you should fix a day to flip the mattresses in your home.
With different types of mattresses being manufactured each year, companies are making mattresses that don't require to be flipped so often or never. However, flipping mattresses on a regular basis can actually increase its life and give you a soft, cushioned feeling every time you lie down.
Simply flipping them won't solve anything. The mattresses have to be rotated as well. There is more pressure at the head of the bed than at the foot, and so this can make the mattress uneven. So every 3 months, you should rotate the mattresses and when the 6 months are up, flip it.

How to Flip Mattresses

We know that the whole rotating and flipping of the mattresses might sound a bit overwhelming, but when you follow the mentioned instructions, it will pay off in the long run. To help you carry out this task, follow the tips provided to you so that your mattresses have a long, fluffy life.

Rotate the Mattresses

To rotate your mattresses with ease and no confusion later on, use a marker to make a small dot at the foot of the bed. Make the same mark on both sides of the mattresses to remember easily when you flip the mattresses.
When rotating the mattresses, the actual process requires you to change its directions. The foot of your mattress after rotation will come at the head of the bed. So, the small dot will come down and when you are ready to rotate the mattress again, you will know what to do.

Flip the Mattresses

At 6 months, it's time to flip the mattresses. Now at the head of bed, the mattress doesn't have a dot. So when you flip the mattress, you will again change the head of the bed to the foot of the bed. After flipping, the other side's dot will come back to the head of the bed. The side which you were sleeping on for the last 6 months has now gone underneath.
You will have to repeat the same process of rotating the mattresses after 3 months, bring the small dot down to the foot of the bed. And after the year is up, flip the mattresses one more time. We hope that it doesn't sound too complex. To make it simpler, try it on a piece of paper first to understand the process.
Flipping a mattress is a tough work as it can be oversize and a bit too heavy for you to handle alone. Plus, the risk of injuring your back is also there. Which is why, it will be wise to ask for someone's help, a family member or friend who can help you do this easily. Remember, take regular care of your mattresses as it will take care of you later on!