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A Guide to Full Size Mattress Dimensions

Omkar Phatak Sep 30, 2018
Rather than twin beds, full size bed mattresses are in vogue today. Comfy and chic, full size bed mattresses are oft chosen if one has young ones. For bedtime story or sibling time, for comfort, or simply for snug moments, this bed caters to all kinds of tastes and preferences.
Dimensions are a big issue when it comes to home furnishing. You have a limited amount of space, in which you plan the little world, that is your home. Home furnishing and especially, bedroom furnishing needs to be very well planned, as it constitutes your relaxation zone.
Here we talk about full size bed dimensions, which can be an important consideration in designing your bedroom layout and furniture.

Selecting the Right Size

Selecting a mattress is all about making the right choice, without compromising on comfort. Two things that people look for, while selecting an appropriate one, are looks and the price tag.
However, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important ones is size. Size matters when it comes to mattresses, other than the level of comfort. Ultimately, what every one of us needs is a good and comfortable sleep.
One simple thumb rule that is followed while selecting the length of the mattress is, to select a size whose length is six inches more than your height. Another consideration is the width of the mattress, which should also be such that it gives ample space for a person to move around.
One must get an adequate pillow space clearing at the top and leg space at the bottom, while sleeping. Check out reviews before you choose.

Standard Dimensions

Full size mattresses or double beds, as they are referred to, are ideal for people who are looking for ample sleeping space. It comes in two sizes usually. Full-sized ones are preferred nowadays, to design beds for teenage kids. Its lengthier version can; however, cater to people in the height range of six feet too.
Although, it is referred to as a double bed, it's not recommended for couples as it leaves very little personal space for each one of them. Full size mattresses are designed by manufacturers in two sizes, to cater to different height groups. They come in 'Full' and 'Full XL (Extra Large Sizes)'.
Here are the standard dimensions for both, in North America:
  • Full Size Mattress: 54 inch x 75 inch (137cm ×191 cm)
  • Full XL Size Mattress: 54 inch x 80 inch (137 cm × 203 cm)
There are many other standard sizes available, if you require dimensions that are greater than those of a full size bed.