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Simple Elements to Guarantee You a Good Night's Sleep

Elements of a Good Night's Sleep
Though many of us complain about not getting enough sleep. We rarely do anything to change those habits that are causing us to not get the sleep we need. But, just like changing what we choose to eat or drink can change our diet, changing just a few of our sleeping habits can help us get the best rest possible and have a better day ahead.
Claudia Miclaus
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Buying Suitable Pillow and Mattress
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Believe it or not, each spine and body structure is unique. Choosing a good mattress and pillow can help change the quality of sleep you get. They simply need to be comfortable and supportive for you. When you choose a pillow, you want one that is comfortable, but also one that supports your neck and head. If it holds your head too high or low or sideways, you will be spending hours a day with your neck in the wrong position.
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When checking out a mattress, don't be afraid to try the one in the store. Stretch out; roll over on your side, even use this as a great time to check out a new pillow by taking the pillow you are thinking about buying with you over to the mattress. How does your back feel? How do your shoulders and hips feel? Does everything still line up? If it doesn't feel good on the show room floor, you are not going to like it at home.
Relax Before Sleeping
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Try giving yourself some down time before hitting the sack. Try grabbing a warm cup of tea - decaffeinated - like mint or a fruit. Grab a non-engaging book - not your chemistry book. Try putting on some mild classical or instrumental music about half an hour before your targeted time to be in bed. Turn off the main lights and use a lamp instead. This helps relax your eyes as well.
While closing out your day and preparing for bed, remember that you are trying to relax. If you just had an argument, don't go straight to bed. Go for a short walk to calm down. But on the same hand, don't do any major exercise right before bed. This just gets your heart pumping and your body won't relax if your heart is racing. Calm yourself down before jumping in bed.
Getting the proper amount and type of sleep is necessary for you to have a healthy life. If you will take a few small steps to change your habits before and while sleeping, you will probably find yourself sleeping better and waking up more refreshed. Get the rest you need so you can start and end your day as well as you can to help you have the best life possible.
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