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How Cherry Juice Helps You Get a Sound Sleep

Madhura Pandit Sep 30, 2018
New researches claim that use of cherry juice can help to cure insomnia. Some people who were once suffering with this problem, themselves have suggested the use of cherry juice for a peaceful sleep.
Difficulty in sleeping, sleep disorder or insomnia is one of the most troublesome disorders experienced by majority of the world's population. Various reasons like diseases and disorders, stress, emotional disturbances, anxiety, psychological disorders give rise to insomnia. This condition is commonly found in people between 18-50 years of age.
Insomnia in adults is caused due to stress of various kinds like job, finances, relationships, etc. People tend to go for medications or pills to induce sleep which leads to several side effects. Therefore, going for natural cures is the best option

Cherry Juice to Cure Insomnia

The well-known benefits of cherry juice include its use in treatment of gout and arthritis.
However, recent studies and researches claim about the uses of cherry juice to cure sleep. A research was carried out by a team formed in the University of Pennsylvania, VA Center of Canandaigua and the University of Rochester to find out the effects of cherry juice for sleep. Around 15 adults were made to have tart cherry juice twice a day for 2 weeks.
After the prescribed time, it was found that the time required by these people to fall asleep was reduced by 17 minutes. Whereas, those not having the juice still suffered from insomnia. Researchers claim that the cherry juice should be consumed twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening; and not before going to sleep.
Sleep induction is possible due to the presence of high amounts of melatonin in cherry. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that induces sleepiness at night and wakefulness in the morning. There are certain foods that contain melatonin including cherries.
When people consume cherry juice, the melatonin present in it acts upon the brain and leads to sleepiness. Therefore, it helps in treatment and cure of insomnia. There are also no known side effects of cherry juice to human beings.
There are also claims about the insomnia or sleep disturbances regained when the people stopped consuming cherry juice. Therefore, the effect of tart cherry juice was found to be temporary. It may not always be possible to have this juice twice a day due to several reasons.
People with any chronic disorder may also not be able to include it in their daily diet. Secondly, making a person dependent on cherry juice to treat insomnia may not be helpful or feasible in the longer run.
On the contrary, there are several natural remedies that one should look for, when suffering from sleeping problems or disorders. Reducing stress is one of the most important measure to get rid of insomnia.
Secondly, one should limit the intake of coffee or caffeine containing products, have meals at regular times and set a proper pattern or schedule for sleep and rest. Relaxation techniques like meditation, aromatherapy, etc. are also considered as the best cures for insomnia.
Lastly, as the research is not yet widely acclaimed, you need to consult your doctor if you wish to use this juice to cure sleep disorders. In case of chronic insomnia, taking medical treatment under doctor's supervision is the best method. Take care!
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.