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Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Mamta Mule Sep 30, 2018
If you're a side sleeper, then specially designed pillows for the side sleeping position are what you want to look for. With these side sleeper pillows you can experience optimum comfort as your head and neck rests in the right posture.
If you are a side sleeper, a regular pillow might not offer you the required sleeping comfort. People who commonly sleep on one side, experience discomfort while using a regular pillow. The wide variety of specially designed pillows for side sleepers are available in the market today.
Today, people not only look for a good mattress but also know the importance of a quality pillow which will offer ultimate sleeping comfort. Hence, opt for the best piece in the category.
There are a number of brands that have a collection of pillows designed to provide optimum comfort for side sleepers. Before you get confused over choosing one from the lot, here are some tips to help you understand how to choose the best pillows for side sleepers.

Choosing the Right Pillow

If you are a side sleeper, it is very important that you maintain the right posture while sleeping. When you sleep on your side, your head needs to rest in line with your spine. With an improper pillow, your head might not stay aligned with the rest of your body.
A specially designed side sleeper pillow will definitely help you keep your neck, head, and spine in a proper position up to a great extent.
While you look for a side sleeper pillow, you can grab orthopedic or cervical pillows which are designed to help your body rest in the right posture. Such pillows are thicker and often have a depression for keeping your head in the right position.
One pillow design for side sleepers has a horizontal, raised contour on its bottom edge. Now this raised contour is exactly where your neck rests while you sleep on one side and your head will lie on the flat surface. The wide 'C' shaped or 'L' shaped pillow designs are also popular in the section of side sleeper pillows.
When you have neck pain, you are sure to find memory foam pillows in the list. Memory foam basically shapes the pillow accordingly to the unique contours of your head and neck, when you rest your head on it.
The memory foam will regain its original shape after use and will mold according to your sleeping position, the next time you use it. Another option to memory foam is latex, buckwheat, or feather pillows.
The right fill is vital as it is the primary element that delivers the needed comfort. Choosing a fill that will make your pillow thick, yet soft, is quite essential. This will ensure that your neck or head does not undergo unnecessary strain.
A soft pillow easily sinks to let your head and neck stay in the right posture. If you have allergies, look for a hypo-allergic pillows that essentially do not contain feathers.
Before choosing one piece, it is good if you actually check the comfort it offers and compare the same with a few other pieces in the category. Browse online shopping websites and local bedding stores as well. You can request the stores for a trial piece which can help you check the comfort element before buying one.