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Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on a Water Pillow and How it Works

Benefits of Sleeping on a Water Pillow and How It Works
Touted for their amazing effects on sleep and overall health, water pillows are quite popular. There is a lot of useful stuff to know about the health benefits of these pillows, and their working.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Do you find yourself tired on waking up? Do you experience neck or back pain in the mornings? That's because you are not getting good sleep. And you know what, your pillow could be the culprit. Try switching to a water pillow and feel the change in your sleep quality.
How Water Pillows Work
Water pillow structure
A water pillow, as the name suggests, is a pillow which is filled with water. As the volume of water remains constant, the water layer cannot be compressed. Around the water layer is an insulating layer which prevents heat loss and helps maintain water temperature. And surrounding the insulation is the outermost fiber layer that cushions the head.
The pillow adjusts itself to the changing position of the head and neck, and shapes itself accordingly. Thus, pressure is evenly distributed, and the chances of body discomfort are reduced.
Water pillows are of two types; namely, cooling water pillows and water pouch pillows. Cooling water pillows have a foam layer filled with water which helps remove heat. In water pouch pillows, there is a water pouch that lies underneath a polyester or soft fiber layer on which the head rests. The water level can be adjusted according to user's needs. Cooling water pillows are primarily helpful for those experiencing hot flashes or excessive sweating during sleep. They can be of use in the hot months of the year, as the pillows' water content helps in the dissipation of heat. Water pouch pillows are useful for neck support and additional comfort when sleeping.
Water pillows may be heavy to lift or carry. The water in these pillows needs to be changed after a certain period. They also run a risk of water leakage. In case an air pocket is formed, they may turn noisy. And to achieve the comfort they promise, the water level needs to be carefully adjusted. However, the advantages of water pillows clearly outweigh these constraints.
Benefits of Sleeping on a Water Pillow
While a regular pillow loses firmness over time, a water pillow does not. Once filled with the amount of water you need, it will stay fast throughout the night, which means no sleep disturbance. Plus, it won't wear out or flatten over time like a conventional pillow.
Water pillow helps you sleep faster
With a water pillow, you do not have to bother about it slipping out from under your head. Even if you toss and turn, or move your head while asleep, the weight of the water does not allow the pillow to change its position.
As already mentioned, a water pillow adjusts itself to the position of the head and neck. So, whatever position you are sleeping in, the pillow doesn't cause discomfort. Also, its water level can be adjusted, which means, this pillow is comfortable for use by kids, adults, and people of all body types, alike.
Clinical studies have shown that water pillows provide better sleep. One reason for this is the neck and shoulder support they give. Also, you don't have to take the effort to make it stay under your head. The water weight serves this purpose, giving you an undisturbed sleep.
When supported by a water pillow, the chances of neck or back pain are very less, as it makes for just the right combination of softness and firmness. Plus, it is possible to adjust the stiffness of this pillow by changing the water level according to one's needs.
On a water pillow, you can comfortably position your neck and head. The pillow adjusts itself to your sleeping position, and not the other way round. It helps align the spine in the right way by supporting the neck in the correct angle. Thus, there are less chances that you will wake up with a stiff neck or any body ache.
Benefits of water pillows
Water pillows help us fall asleep faster and get a better sleep. Owing to the neck and shoulder support they provide, they can help in pain relief. They are good for neck and back pain, as they help improve the posture while sleeping.
The temperature regulation mechanism in a water pillow helps maintain the right temperature throughout the sleep-time, thus adding to the comfort level and promoting a sound sleep.
Mostly, the cushioning layer of water pillows is made from a hypoallergenic material, which means chances of itching or skin reactions due to the fiber are nil. These pillows, owing to their water content, do not press into the face, thus helping against wrinkles and aging of the facial skin. Dirt or dead skin particles cannot penetrate these pillows, and cleaning them is easier. This means, using a water pillow while sleeping is more hygienic.
Many people complain of waking up tired and experiencing soreness in the body. The tiredness is mostly due to a disturbed sleep, while the soreness or ache in the body is due to an improper sleeping position, or an uncomfortable bedding or pillow. Due to the principle of weight distribution in water-filled pillows, one tends to sleep right. Thanks to the sleeping comfort provided by these pillows, we sleep better.
Thus, you can see that sleeping on a water pillow is beneficial for a good night's sleep. You wake up fresh, feel energetic, and are able to function more efficiently throughout the day. Amazing pillows, aren't they?
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