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5 Tips To Get Better Rest

You need proper rest for healthy workout. Here are 5 tips to get better rest which will help you to do good exercise time.
Sudip Paul Oct 04, 2019


It seems like every single day someone asks me for my tips to get better sleep. Fortunately, there are a few things that typically work for anyone. Keep reading to learn my personal 5 favorite tips to get better rest.

Know Your Bedtime and Stick to It

I suggest using a sleep calculator tool to figure out when you should be laying down every night. When you go to bed, ensure the mattress is in top condition. If not, buy a new one, take a look at Denver Mattress reviews.

Cut Out Caffeine After 2 in the Afternoon

If you weren't incredulous on the first step, you probably are now. How can you sleep better if you stop taking caffeine so early? It's actually simple. Caffeine's known half-life is roughly 8 hours. That means for 8 hours, it's not present in your system, but it's there enough to have potency in your system.

No Booze 3 Hours Before Sleep Time

Sleep researchers have known for years how people used alcohol more than anything as a sleep aid. A Sleep In America 2005 poll showed that 11 percent of respondents used alcohol to get an easy sleep for several nights.

No Exercise 4 Hours Before Going to Bed

Exercise is great for health and fitness. A good cardiovascular workout helps your heart last longer, and all exercises make bones and muscles stronger. Many sleep patients leading sedentary lives without regular exercise wind up passing up a great sleep remedy.

Get A 15-Minute Sun High Every Day

Preferably, you'll do this each morning. Just 15 minutes of sunlight is enough for your body to regulate melatonin production, the sleep hormone. Your circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, has a 24-hour schedule. It works optimally when regularly exposed to patterns of both light and dark.