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11 Essentials for Your Sleep, Health and Skin

Waking up everyday, if you feel your body full of energy, your skin is ruddy, it’s because you had a good sleep last night.
Minh Vũ Jan 11, 2020
Sleep is part of basic biological mechanisms of the human body. Michael Twery, director of National Center on Sleep Disorders, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at Maryland, said that sleep has vital roles in cells structuring process, how we express feelings, interact with things and learn new knowledge.
While we sleep, our brain removes toxic residuals that are naturally cultivated from our activities all day long. If we don’t have, or lack, adequate sleep time, those processes can be interrupted, lead to enormous affections on our intelligence.
Having enough sleep can also brighten our skin. Growth factors are produced much more at night. When you sleep deeply, toxins and residuals in skin are removed while nutrients from lotions are absorbed. Good bedtime brings you a ruddy and clean skin which was recreated at night.
That’s why bedtime is the ideal period for your skin to absorb nutrients. Using cosmetics at night will have better effects for your skin to glows the next morning. Considering those benefits from sleep time, how could we have better, deeper sleep? These eleven advices are here to help you get it faster and easier:

1. Turn Off All the Lights

Unlit spaces are ideal environments for good sleep. Whenever there’s a light, it will trigger your brain to wake, making it harder to fall asleep.

You may consider installing curtains to block external lights.

2. Meditation

A study in 2009 by Stanford University showed that who regularly practice meditation tends to sleep 2 times faster than those who don’t.

3. Maintain Sleep Habits

You should go to bed at regular time, wake up early, stabilize your habits and biological cycles.

4. Don’t Nap Too Long

For a deeper and better sleep at night, you should avoid long naps. Scientists suggest you don’t nap for more than 20 – 25 minutes.

5. Use the Scent of Lavender

Lavender does have a good scent and a powerful therapy tool: sleep activator. According to researches, 2 – 3 breathes with lavender in 10 minutes drive our sleepiness come faster and smoother.

6. Imagine Being at Happy Places

Don’t try sheep counting, it’ll only keep you awake longer. Imagining happy places is better for sleep than terrific scenes.

7. Music

Music is magical and has tremendous benefits. The tempo of 60 – 80 beats per minutes is said to be effective in easing depression and deepen our sleep.

8. Warm Up the Room

Ideal room temperature means it’s not too hot or too cold. Scientists suggest to keep bedroom temperature at 20 – 24 Celcius degrees. You can use a blanket if necessary.

9. Take Advantage of the 4-7-8 Breathing Method

This breathing technique by Dr. Andrew Weil is said to make you sleep in under 1 minute, as follow:
  • Put your tongue after your upper front teeth
  • Breath out in sounds
  • Count to 4 and breath in through nose with mouth shut
  • Pause breath and count to 7
  • Count to 8 and breath out in sounds
  • Redo the whole process 4 times

10. Write Down Whatever’s on Your Mind

This is one of the most effective ways to remove whatever’s on your mind, so then you can stop rolling around thinking about it. “Empty-mindedness” is a requirement for good sleep.

11. Exercises and Yoga

Physical exercises and Yoga get us fit, push illness back, and certainly bring better sleeps. According to a study by Northwestern University in 2013, regular exercisers sleep 45 minutes more.

Have a Good Sleep!

Vu Hoang Minh, professional curtain maker in Ha Noi, co-founder of remminhphat.vn